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Hello and Welcome to Rustik Rooster Farms!

Hello and welcome to our web site. Lots of new and exciting things are coming about. We are releasing lots of new pork in our shop. Watch for your favorite cuts coming up. We have some big announcements coming up. Please check out our e-commerce shop. Many of our products have sold very quickly so get yours while we have stock!

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Farm Philosophy

We raise all our animals in the most humane way, much as our grandparents would have. Rustik Rooster Farms is where the Jetsons meet Green Acres, complete with the front porch falling off. We don’t use GMO feed. We do use an antibiotic once in a while as needed. We find it just plain stupid not to treat an animal when they are sick. However, unlike most CAFO (confinement based) systems that feed antibiotics daily, we do NOT feed antibiotics daily. We strive to allow the animals to be happy animals. Because a happy animal tastes the best. Our beef, pork, chicken, turkey, sheep, and goats are raised so completely old-school that we do not even use electricity at any stage of their production. Now THAT is GREEN.

Our Iowa Swabian Hall pork is produced much as the Germans have been raising them in Germany for a hundred years. Iowa Swabians are fed hydroponically grown, living greens. To round out the pigs, they are fed dairy products daily along with their living greens. This method of feeding–coupled with their special genetics–creates the number one tasting pig in the United States.

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