Hippie Hydroponics

I am so amazed at how people view hydroponics. To me it is sort of like the path of the Internet. The Internet was around for 30 years before anyone found out how useful it could be. Sorta of like hydroponics. The process has been around for more than 30 years but it wasn’t until just in the last year that it started gaining traction in the feed markets, as well as human consumption markets. There are HUGE markets out there for hydroponically grown food. It is simply crazy that more hasn’t been done in this field. In fact, Iowa State University doesn’t have any info at all on hydroponics. Does that have anything to do with the fact most of their money comes from the corn industry?

We started feeding our animals hydroponically grown barley because it was hundreds of dollars cheaper than using conventional corn and soy meal. But more importantly it was a much more nutritious and vitamin packed method of feeding. It eliminated scours in the little pigs almost instantly after feeding them living greens.

We are developing our own hydroponic chambers. Understand that it is NOT a complete feeding regimen. To fatten the pigs up we need to add milk or some method of putting the weight on them. We are working on this as well and doing development.

We will be posting more info on our new system as time permits. Contact us for more information. But several pdf files will be available by end of year.

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