Little Pig Man, from National Geographic Channel
Monday December 15 at 11 ET!
(That’s tonight!!)

Little Pig Man! It took a long time to get this show up and on the air. Fits and starts and fickle network people. We learned a lot about show business.

Our shows don’t really show anything about how we raise our pigs or even why we developed them. But I am proud of the fact so many people were involved to create our National Geographic show Little Pig Man.

Initially the show was to be an instructional piece on how and why we developed and raised our special kind of pork. But then it morphed more into a “how much strange stuff can happen here” kinda show. It took many days and many hours to create what you were able to see.

Despite what you have seen in our show, please understand we have been working hard to develop a pig that is so good no one else in the country has been able to do it in the last 35 years. We are certain we have done that. We have developed an entire method of feeding and caring for the animals that does not follow any conventional thinking.

Doesn’t it bother anyone to realize that the awesome charcuterie things like, prosciutto and other aged meets is not being done here in the United States except on a very small scale and with substandard pigs for this use? Europe has been doing it for hundreds and hundreds of years…but yet here in the US we cant do it at all because we have the wrong kind of pig…we feed them the wrong feed, and we care for them in the least possible ways. Then we harvest them and throw out 27% of the pig. In Europe this does not happen. Every single piece of the pig is valued and stellar products are made. We want to get us BACK to using the pig properly and using all the products that can be made.

Many states are losing their heritage very quickly. We must stop this. We think our pork is but one small piece of the puzzle. We want to bring back farmers and the corporate guys don’t like that. I don’t give a damn what they like or don’t like. We dance to the beat of a different drummer and we relish that fact. It’s a start.

Below are lots of behind the scene pictures of the crew and cast members. We had a great crew and they were some of the best people in the industry. Some of them you see on TV today but many are behind the scenes making the magic happen. We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them. So much talent in so many people.

We also want to thank Colleen Needles Steward of Tremendous Inc., our production studio. She rocks! I also want to personally thank her for listening to us and allowing the show to get the Barron touch. We are very grateful.

We would also like to thank Uncle Dale for his time and patience while we went on this crazy folly. He truly is the best Uncle one could ever want.

Want to thank the boys for their help and assistance during the filming. My son Sean in particular. He has worked very hard and it shows in our product.

I am responsive!