Introducing the MacAquarium!! The number one use for a Mac 512, Mac 128, Mac Plus or Mac Classic is this handsomely built MacAquarium. They make great gifts, and are the perfect thing for that Mac-o-phile’s office. Each MacAquarium is built with a genuine Apple Macintosh computer shell.

MacAquariums are fun and cool, but one important thing to keep in mind is that they are environmentally friendly. By producing the MacAquarium, we keep thousands of computer shells from filling our landfills. By purchasing a MacAquarium, not only do you beautify your own environment, but you do the whole planet a favor!

MacAquarium is ready to go right out of the box. Just add water and your favorite fish. The MacAquarium is sold in two variations, Do it yourself! and the Deluxe Model. Each MacAquarium is hand built in our custom workshop. Great care is given to building the most reliable and longest lasting MacAquarium possible. It will provide YEARS of great service. You need never worry about planned obsolescence, no new technology is going to take THIS MacAquarium out of commission. Just think…NO MORE UPGRADES!!! Or another way to look at it? The “Final Upgrade”.

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