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Hello and Welcome to Rustik Rooster Farms!

If you missed the big announcement, we’ve moved our pigs and farm from northern Iowa to Missouri, near the Lake of the Ozarks. The biggest issue with raising swine in Iowa was the lack of processors that aren’t owned and run by Big Ag, which made it very difficult to get pork to the market. If we can’t turn our pigs into pork chops, all of our incredible genetics and innovative adaptations of classic hog methods are wasted. The weather was also a big factor – between frigid temperatures and bitter wind chill, our pigs suffered slow growth and health problems every winter, not to mention the effects on the farmer. So we moved south for better weather and to be near one of the top processors in the Midwest, one that shares our vision of quality pork. While we miss Iowa, this was an important, necessary step to keep producing incredible Iowa Swabian Hall pigs all year long. Our new neighbors are great and the Iowa Swabians have never been happier.

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Farm Philosophy

We raise all our animals in the most humane way, much as our grandparents would have. Rustik Rooster Farms is where the Jetsons meet Green Acres. Unlike most CAFO (confinement based) systems, we don’t use GMO feed from a factory or feed antibiotics daily. We do use antibiotics, but only when needed –  we think it’s just plain stupid to not treat a sick animal and it’s just as stupid to constantly feed antibiotics to every pig. We strive to allow the animals to be happy animals, because happy animals make the best tasting meat.

Our Iowa Swabian Hall pork is produced much as hogs have been raised in Germany for well over a hundred years with adaptations for modern methods. Our Iowa Swabians are fed hydroponically grown, living greens supplemented with dairy products daily to round out their diet. This method of feeding—coupled with their special genetics—creates the absolute best tasting pig in the United States.


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